Coaching Mindset Fundamentals

Coaching Mindset Fundamentals

Coaching Mindset Fundamentals
ICF Accredited Program

Coaching Mindset Fundamentals
Program Modules

Module 1: Coaching Fundamentals
Laying the foundation for coaching mindset, mental readiness.

Module Content:
What is the coach – client relationship?
How do you apply coaching ethics in a session?
How do you present yourself as a coach?
How do you start a coaching session?
What are coaching competencies?
What coaching models enable my professional development?

15 hours synchronous
5 hours asynchronous
Module 2: Holistic Coaching
Exploring what drives our behaviours, beliefs, and limiting beliefs. How to coach with motivation and resistance to action in mind

Module Content:
What principles drive my coaching practice?
What are my inner voices telling me about the way forward?
How to coach through resistance
How to bring the mind, body, and emotions into a coaching session?
What is mindfulness and how to integrate it into a coaching session?

15 hours synchronous
5 hours asynchronous.
Module 3: Coaching Perspectives
Providing a platform to develop your unique style as a coach, explore perspectives that shape your coaching vision and how that assists your clients.

Module Content:
Shifting the client’s perspective and realising successes
Emotional intelligence in coaching
How coaching can support learning opportunities for the client
Self-regulation for the coach and how to extend that for the client
Coach’s personal and professional development

15 hours synchronous
5 hours asynchronous
Module 4: Mentor Coaching
Mentor coaching enables the opportunity for you to hone your coaching skills by working closely with your Mentor Coach who will offer thoughtful feedback for your growth as a coach.

The sessions will focus on enhancing your understanding of the ICF Core Competencies and ethics with a focus on the skills required as a coach.

The program is led by faculty who are ICF PCC Assessors. They have a strong command of the ICF Core Competency requirements and an in-depth knowledge of the ICF Code of Ethics.Mentor Coaching is the final step in preparation for the final assessment for the program certification.

Duration: 10 hours (group and one-to-one sessions) with a qualified PCC Assessor.

Intended Participants

Persons seeking formal coach training or wishing to learn the fundamental of coaching for personal or professional growth. This core program is intended to give a thorough and practical understanding of what it entails to be a coach - no matter what type of coaching you wish to practice.

Program Requirements

No pre-requisites. Introductory interview to ensure course appropriateness and fit.

Program Language

Taught in English, Mandarin, and German.

Program Vision and Goals

In this program we lay the foundations for coaching mindset, mental readiness, and an understanding of what it takes to coach and be coached.

The program is designed to provide a holistic approach to coaching. At the end of the program, you will be able to coach according to International Coach Federation ethics and competencies, define a style that is uniquely yours, learn how to apply your coaching using executive (leadership, business) and life coaching skills.

Payment Plans & Fees


Full program fees 36,000 RMB

Early bird price discount Face to Face 34,000 RMB

Online program fees: 33,000 RMB


We work with you to create convenient payment plans. Please use the form on the contact us page to schedule a follow-up call.