Frequently Asked Questions

1How do the program hours work?
For the residency program, we have broken the program into modules comprising of two to three days. Each of the modules run over the weekends. Each day will last about 7.5 hours. Between modules we stay connected with the students via shorter on-line sessions to enable more practice time and feedback from faculty.
2Does the program connect you with other coaches?
Yes, we have a very robust coaching community that stays connected through online groups and in person. We also host community events for continued learning and sharing.
3What is the refund policy?
A prorated full refund will be offered for those modules that have not yet commenced.
4What is the difference between accreditation, credential and certification?
The terminology in coaching can seen confusing. Here is a simple way to understand: Accreditation: When a training provider is recognized as having met the program requirements ensuring the curriculum has adequately covered the ICF core competencies and ethics. Credentials: ICF Credentials are awarded to a coach after meeting a number of hours of coaching experience and training hours attended. Specific requirements vary by credential level. The ICF has 3 levels of credentials ACC, PCC and MCC. The difference between levels is based on coaching experience, number of coaching hours and number of training hours attended. There are other qualification requirements which can be read on the ICF website. Certification: In simple terms it is an official document attesting to a status or level of achievement. For example: By attending our program you will receive a certification from a program that has been accredited by the ICF which is the starting point in preparation for your credential application.
5How do I know if the training program I am attending is recognized by the ICF?
Each training program, when approved by the ICF will receive a certificate showing accreditation. You can ask this of all training providers, and they can provide evidence of accreditation to ensure you are attending a training program that has been approved by the ICF.
6If I want to work as a professional coach, is it important to attend a program that has been approved by the ICF?
Any program that has been approved by the ICF you will know that the program has gone through a strict, detailed and thorough evaluation in order to receive accreditation. A certain standard is held by attending programs that are accredited.
7Is it important to be a credentialed coach?
Many organizations who retain external coaches require proof of credentials. A credential is an easy way to determine the coaching experience and amount of training attended.
8Should I attend a program that offers a fast track?
Coach training is about acquiring a skill and learning to be proficient. Time and practice is the best way to build your confidence and skills. Programs that offer a fast track often miss practice time and a feedback loop over a period of time.

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