Coaching Supervision

Coaching Supervision

What is Coaching Supervision?

Coaching Supervision is different from mentor coaching and peer coaching. Mentor and peer coaching focus on developing your skills and competencies as coaches through observation and feedback. Supervision focuses on who you are as a practitioner, helps you reflect on your work, care for yourself and maintain professional and ethical standards in a reflective non-judgmental space.

Program Overview

The coaching Supervision Program is offered in support of coaches who would like the space to reflect on their coaching practice, client casework, or personal reflection.

All our coach supervisors hold current coach supervisor accreditations.


Lead Faculty for this program are Cindy Jensen and Elizabeth Okada, both certified Coach Supervisors.

Program Language

Run in English

Supervision Topics

The topics will be identified by the supervisee and what would best support them in their continued growth as coaches as they work with their clients.

What do coaches bring to supervision?

Managing boundaries, feeling stuck, ethical issues, and managing emotions.

Supervision attends to the coach’s personal development, deepening practitioner presence, building the internal supervisor, gaining new perspectives, increasing interventions, and tools, etc.

Group Supervision Program Structure

Group supervision has the benefit of learning from the other coaches in your group.

We keep our groups small with no more than 5 in any group. This enables more time to work with each of the coaches. There will be 5 coaching supervision sessions over a 4–6-month timeframe. Each session will run for 2 hours. The Supervisees along with Supervisor will determine the topics and how the group will work together.

Individual Supervision Program Structure

Individual supervision allows a coach to go more deeply into topics. There will be 5 to 6 coaching supervision sessions over a 6-month timeframe. Each session will run for 1 hour. The Supervisee along with the Supervisor will determine the frequency of the sessions over the upcoming months.

This program is an ongoing enrollment.